About Responsible Business Week

March 5, 2017

Responsible Business Week (or RBweek as it is more fondly named), is an awareness week, that takes place each year, usually around the third week of April. 

Designed for businesses who take being responsible seriously, Responsible Business Week aims to motivate business to be better and do better -  for the benefit of us all.

Why an awareness week?

Over the years, businesses have come in for quite a lot of criticism - from the excesses seen in the late 1980s, to the recent financial crises and now  as a result of Brexit.  There is a genuine need for businesses across the UK to be accountable for the impact they are having on society and Responsible Business Week is all about showcasing the work of the companies that are having a positive impact on their local communities, their employees, the environment and society as a whole.    

Celebrating the brighter side of business

We all know there are two sides to every story, and the ‘brighter side of businesses’ is a story worth telling.  After all, isn’t it about time good news made the headlines?

Through a wealth of free events, online debates and learning forums, the week provides an  excellent opportunity for businesses to learn, share, celebrate and together build a better approach to responsible business for the future. By showing the brighter side to business, a side that the public rarely see, the week is a great opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to showcase initiatives, projects, programmes, products and services that demonstrate a true commitment to building a better, fairer and more sustainable society.

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