Wednesday 26 April

March 6, 2017

Annual Resilience Day

Did you know that 26 April is Annual Resilience Day? What happens when disaster strikes? Are you ready?

Business in the Community is calling on people from resilient businesses of all sizes to use the day to inspire key audiences with stories that illustrate what being a resilient business means. We would also like businesses to get involved to help us raise the profile of the importance of being resilient, and supporting resilient businesses and communities in the process.

Get involved

Use this day as a platform to share your resilience activity and inspire action. We're looking for some really interesting case-studies, impact stories and new initiatives that we can share with the rest of the network. It can be anything from an internal employee engagement initiative, to a new product, service or community initiative.

You can submit it via the following link, and who knows, we may feature your business as one of our case studies this RBweek:

Resilience Activities

Find out how to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies with Business in the Community’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG).

Is Britain Flood Ready? A resilience event for business

Business in the Community’s Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG) will launch the first Annual Resilience Day with an event focused on flood resilience. This event will be hosted in collaboration with the Building Research Establishment and Adler and Allan.  The event will take place from 10:30 – 15:30 at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford.

Businesses are invited to join BITC, BERG,  the BRE and guest VIP speakers from Defra and the Environment Agency to explore BRE’s Resilient House – a new demonstration project on the world renowned BRE Innovation Park.  This exemplar project shows the key role that resilience measures installed in homes can play in preventing and alleviating the devastating effects of flooding on householders and businesses.  Adler & Allan, member of BERG, will be on hand to demonstrate a range of practical and innovative design, material and technology features – important in transforming how Britain prepares for future flooding.

The Resilient House shows how to prevent flood water entering a property as well as how to deal more effectively with flood waters if they do enter a property. The overall aim is to reduce the potential for damage and speed recovery, helping people get back on their feet quickly and easily.  The BRE project has been funded by the BRE Trust under its resilience research programme and by partners AXA Insurance, British Damage Management Association, Cunningham Lindsey, Defra, Kingspan, Natural Cement Distribution and Property Care Association.

Building on the BRE’s Resilient House, BITC will announce a new community Flood Resilient demonstration project in the north of England where 3 properties within Carlisle will have flood resilience measures installed as an exemplar demonstration.


10:30 – Arrival and registration

11:30 – Seminar commences (speakers include BRE; BITC; Adler & Allan, DEFRA).

12:30 – lunch and visit to Georgian Terrace

14:00 – Visit to The Prince’s Natural House and display of resilient flood products

15:30 – End

Directions: Situated close to the motorway junctions of the M1 and M25, there is complimentary car parking onsite. Public transport includes British rail links less than five miles away at both St Albans (Thameslink) and Watford Junction stations.

BRE Innovation Park full address is BRE, Bucknalls Lane, Watford, Hertfordshire WD25 9XX (WD25 9NH for SatNav) and you can view map and directions here.

On arrival: Please come to Building 16 Conference Suite. Registration and refreshments will be from 10:30 – 11:30am. 

Audience: This event is for business - practitioner level attendees. 




Winter 2016 saw unprecedented rain fall and extensive flooding across Britain especially in the north of England – with affects still being felt some 18 months later.

Following the devastating 2016 floods, the UK and Scottish Governments made funding available to help improve Britain’s resilience to future flooding events. This resilience focus acknowledges that parts of Britain will flood again and greater preparedness and the ability to recover quickly is important is we want to minimise future impacts. Business in the Community, through its Business Emergency Resilience Group members are helping to shape the nation’s approach to building greater flood resilience.

2016 also saw the introduction in Britain of FloodRe which guarantees flood insurance cover for many households in flood-prone areas. This important initiative will help build Britain’s ability to recover following flooding.

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