The Unilever Global Development Award

June 29, 2017

The winners of the Unilever Global Development Award supported by Business Fights Poverty


This is one company that has developed a solution to provide clean, safe and affordable drinking water to underserved communities across India, Ghana and Nigeria. It does this via decentralised water purification plants, known as WaterHealth Centres (WHC) through which raw water is treated through a six-stage purification process.

Find out more about the water purification process and the extraordinary work WaterHealth is doing to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities in need.

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A social enterprise established to distribute affordable light to those that need it most.  SunnyMoney is championing affordable solar lights, and a proven and unique model which creates vital trust and awareness in the hardest to reach rural areas where the need for clean, affordable solar energy is greatest.

Find out more about their unique market-based model that overcomes the barriers of affordability.

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