The Fujitsu Award for Responsible Business in the Digital Age - Shortlist

April 24, 2017
Recognising companies delivering responsible business programmes and adapting activities in the face of digital innovation, and capitalising on digital opportunities through responsible business practice.
Technology is bringing unprecedented change; leading economists to predict that a century’s worth of progress will take place in the next decade alone. Digital innovation is rapidly creating new jobs, new business models and new high growth industries, with the potential to transform the world. However, businesses are increasingly grappling with how they can manage the transition to this digital era and address the immediate and long-term complexities it presents, which are fundamentally changing how business and the world of work operate.

The Fujitsu Award for Responsible Business in the Digital Age recognises business models, new technologies but also innovative practical solutions to reduce inequalities and improve livelihoods affected by digital transformation. It will recognise creative ways to provide new opportunities, create the jobs and workforces of the future to ensure everyone can benefit from the digital age. It will also recognise innovation that builds trust in business through transparent data solutions.


Shortlisted Companies

Using Technology to Lead in Responsible Design

LSI Architects are a small company who think big when it comes to sustainable design. The growing practice uses the latest environmental analysis software to reduce the impact of its buildings on the environment. In doing so, the firm helps tackle the issue of buildings being responsible for 40% of energy consumption in the UK, and significantly contribute to CO2 emissions. Its 3D ‘walkthrough’ software, which clients can explore ‘virtually’, were described by the CEO of Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge as a “tremendous resource”. Over the last three years, the practice has invested more than £400,000 of in kind pro-bono support to projects. The architects have worked also closely with Norwich University of the Arts and City College Norwich to spark the imagination of students to see the power of the latest technologies.

Revolutionising first- and last-mile delivery logistics at the touch of a button

Parcelly’s visions are big: to deliver on environmental goals whilst reviving the high street through a business model with an app technology solution at its heart. More than 100 million failed parcel deliveries are made each year, and since being founded in 2014 Parcelly has bid to transform the traditional ‘click and collect’ model of deliveries. By partnering with retailers and service deliverers across a range of sectors, the delivery firm offers customers the choice of where and when they receive their deliveries; in doing so increasing first-time delivery rates. As well as shortening delivery routes by offering couriers the chance to use its location network as hub locations – local shops and businesses enjoy extra footfall. The firm donates up to 5% of each transaction to offset carbon footprint. It achieves this via its long-term partner Atmosfair, who offsets carbon emissions by investing contributions directly into the development of renewable energy projects throughout the developing world.

Industry 4.0

Thinking digital is embedded into the culture of this manufacturing, logistics and consulting business. Recently, the establishment of a Digital Team and the piloting of ‘Digital Fridays’, where time is set aside for innovative thinking, ensures the company remains at the forefront of technological changes. The development of an app enables employees to share ideas and knowledge through their mobiles, enabling the crowdsourcing of problem-solving ideas from across the business. Unipart’s credentials were evidenced by a 100% score in BITC’s Responsible Business Index for 2016. AME, its joint venture with Coventry University, leads the way in exploring how technology, such as robotics, can impact positively in the workplace whilst delivering environmental sustainability.  


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