The Connected Places Award


*Please note, entries to the Responsible Business Awards have now closed. The announcement of the Responsible Business Awards Longlist will be made during Responsible Business Week on 23 April.

For businesses working in partnership with local communities to address long-term social and economic needs.


The Connected Places Award will recognise strategic approaches by businesses to work in partnership with community organisations, the public sector and other businesses, that play an active part in the social and economic regeneration of local communities.


To be recognised as a winner in this category means that business efforts in terms of scale and longevity had a lasting positive impact on some of the key issues facing the communities in which they operate.

The UK economy depends on towns and cities harnessing the potential of everyone who lives in them. Our towns and cities have always been at the heart of economic development and the creation of prosperity, whether as marketplaces or as centres of enterprise, knowledge, culture, learning and innovation.

As industry and business has evolved and technology has advanced, many communities have been left behind and the gap between business leaders, businesses and society has widened.

For example:

  • Bradford has the largest gap between rich and poor in the UK (IPPR).
  • In some parts of Glasgow, 45% of children were estimated to be living in poverty in 2016 (Glasgow Indicators Initiative/strategy).
  • The number of Children in Care in Blackpool is the highest in England at 164/10,000.

At the same time, there is an increasing lack of trust amongst the British public of the four key institutions that shape our society; business, government, non-profit sector and media. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights that in the UK:

  • 60% of respondents believe that the current system is not working for them.
  • This increases to 80% amongst the 16-18 year olds age bracket.
  • Government had the lowest trust rating at around 30%, followed by media (40%) and then non-profit sector and Businesses, at around 50%.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Connected Places Award is about making a difference in a local community and working in partnership with local stakeholders to address key community issues. In line with Sustainable Development Goals 1,2,3,10,11, and 16, this award aims to recognise initiative/strategies that align to and address local issues focusing on; poverty eradication, equality, inclusive growth, good health, sustainable cities and communities, peace and justice.


Successful applicants will demonstrate that they:

Understand and identify the needs of a community and the specific issues in a geographic location (a ward, borough or town).

Demonstrate effective collaboration with business, community and/or public sectors, based on the needs identified, supported by a clear governance and management structure.

  • Have positive social and business outcomes, underpinned by clear goals that define success and metrics for assessing progress.
  • Supported long-term impactful investment in a sustainable local infrastructure, which might include social or physical infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate how the activity enables community organisations to grow and increase their impact.
  •  Demonstrate how the approach could be scaled and customised to other places.

For help completing your entry please download the guidance document and scoring grid.


  • This award is only open to businesses that have an impact on UK communities.
  • Any size of business can enter this category and judges will have the option of awarding a small business winner alongside a large company winner. The scale of a business will be taken into consideration and assessed against the criteria, and businesses are not scored against each other.

We recognise that due to the nature of community initiative/strategies, the impacts realised tend to be long-term and can be difficult to evidence in the early years. Accordingly, we recommend that applicants entering this award have at least a one-year track record of measuring the benefits for both the community and the business. Initiative/strategies with a shorter track record may still apply, but an inability to evidence longer-term impacts may make them less competitive against other entries.

Please note, the Connected Places Award focuses on a particular initiative/strategy in a place. Businesses wishing to be assessed and recognised for their whole community investment strategy should consider the CommunityMark. Businesses that are awarded the CommunityMark for demonstrating how community investment has been successfully integrated into their whole business. Please contact for more information or visit our website.

Deadline 17:00 GMT on Friday 9 February 2018.

Contact details

For more details, please email Usha Manojkanth:

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