FAQ: The Awards process

December 5, 2016 Deborah Sharp

How do I enter the Awards? | What's the deadline for the Awards? | When and how are the results announced? | How can I reaccredit an Award from a previous year?

How do I enter the Awards?

To enter an Award, you need to complete an application form for that Award, which you can download from the Award category page during the call for entry period.  On the form you should explain how your company is managing its programme or activity, and the benefits it has for the business and for society and/or the environment more widely.  Each Award application form is accompanied by a supporting document giving guidance on answering each question.

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What's the deadline for entering the Awards?

All Award entries must be submitted by 17:00 GMT (5 pm) on Friday 17 February.  Telephone and online support will be provided in the run up to the deadline to anyone experiencing any difficulty submitting their Award entry.

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When and how will the Award results be announced?

To entrants

All entrants will recieve their results privately by email in the week commencing 10 April 2017, along with topline feedback based on the comments of the assessors who scored their entries. 

At this point, entrants will learn if they have reached the Shortlist, are a Finalist, or haver been unsuccessful in their entry.  Entrants who have submitted a previous year's entry for reaccreditation will also find out if that has been successful.

To the media

The Award Shortlist will be publically announced by BITC during Responsible Business Week - 24-28 April 2017, with each Shortlisted entry illustrated by an online summary of its story.  All Shortlisted companies will be sent a communication pack and endorsement Award planter to help them maximise communication of their achievement to their stakeholders.

The Award Finalist will be publically announced by BITC in early June, with coverage by our national media partner, and each Finalist entry celebrated in a detailed online case study.  Finalists will also be sent a communication pack and endorsement Award planter.

Shortlisted and Finalist entrants are encouraged to celebrate their achievement, and invite key stakeholders to one of our celebratory events in June.

Award Winners will be announced at BITC's Annual Responsible Business Gala in central London on 4 July 2017. 

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How do I reaccredit an Award from a previous year?

With the exception of Responsible Business of the Year entries, you can reaccredit any Shortlisted, Finalist, Highly Commended or Winning entry from 2016, or from 2015 if it was reaccredited in 2016.  You will need to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the CR programme concerned by showing that the quality of management has been maintained, and that the programme has continuing benefits to your business and for society and/or the environment.  See the Reaccreditation page for more information.

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