FAQ: Is my company eligible to enter the Awards?

December 5, 2016 Deborah Sharp

Can companies of any size enter? | Can a unit of a business enter? | Can public sector or third sector organisations enter? | I was successful last year. Can I enter again? | Do I have to pay to enter the Awards? | My company is based in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales

Most of our Awards are open to Business in the Community members and non-member private sector businesses based in the UK or abroad.

Please note some categories require that the programme entered must have an impact that is UK only, others that it must be international.  Eligibility rules are stated on each Award category page, and in each Award's guidance notes.

Entries must be for programmes, initiatives or activities that go above and beyond any legal, statutory, regulatory or contractual requirements the business must meet.

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Do companies have to be above a certain size to enter the Awards?

No.  We welcome entries from companies of any size, scale or sector. 

All entries have an equal chance of winning, as scale will be taken into consideration.  Each entry is scored against a comprehensive scoring guide, not against other entries.  When determining the overall Award Winner, the judges can decide to award both a large and small company winner if appropriate.

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Can a unit of a larger business enter the Awards?

Yes. Strategic business units (SBUs) can enter the Awards for a programme or initiative that they are wholly running (except in the case of Business in the Community's Responsible Business of the Year Award). When submitting an entry, the title and company details given should be those of the SBU rather than the parent company - e.g. Nescafé, not Nestlé, with the parent company name entered where indicated on the web submission form.

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Can public or third sector organisations enter the Awards?

While we recognise the brilliant work done by many such organisations, the Responsible Business Awards are specifically designed to celebrate activity by private sector business.  We therefore cannot accept entries from the following:

  • Public sector organisations, except where they are members of Business in the Community

  • Third sector organisations, including commercial arms of charities

  • Organisations that have been set up to specifically address the social or environmental issue the entry focuses on.

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Do companies have to pay to enter the Awards?

No.  The Responsible Business Awards are all free to enter by any eligible company or organisation.

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My company was successful last year.  Can I enter again?

If your organisation was the overall category Award Winner from the previous year, you cannot submit a full entry to the same or equivalent category in the following year, although you are free to enter other categories.  However, with the exception of Responsible Business of the Year entries, you can instead reaccredit your entry (find out more). Highly Commended, Award Finalists and Shortlisted companies are able to submit full entries in the following year.

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My company is based in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.  Can I enter the Responsible Business Awards?

Yes, but you may want to consider entering the separate Responsible Business Awards run in each of these nations instead or as well.

See the pages for the Responsible Business Awards in Wales, the Responsible Business Awards in Scotland and the Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland.

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