Business priority 1: Protect, support and empower customers

May 20, 2017


1. Simplify data practice : Make data sharing and privacy clear and visible from the start

  • Sedicii has developed a technology designed to make customers and businesses safer online. The ‘Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol’ stops the transmission and storage of user data during the authentication process, therefore reducing identity theft.
  • Nine in ten internet users in the UK and the US would avoid doing business with companies that do not protect their privacy.1

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2. Be inclusive : Build digital access, capability and confidence to allow all to benefit from the digital economy

  • Barclays’ ‘Digital Eagles’ are 16,000 specially trained employees who help improve people’s digital skills and confidence by hosting free sessions, including how to stay safe online. The Eagles also host ‘Code Playground’ taster sessions for young children and their families.
  • In Great Britain, 11% of households do not have internet access, while 16% of adults do not have the required basic digital skills to buy goods or services from a website.2

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3.  Enable better choices : Develop solutions that help people to make more informed decisions on their health, education and finances

  • Citymapper is a smartphone app that provides users with a complete view of how to travel to their destination. The app uses transport data released by the Greater London Authority and has been well received, with an estimated 50% of iPhones registered in London having downloaded it.3
  • Using open data to generate new and sustainable solutions to key social challenges returns 5–10 times more value to the economy than the investment cost.4

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