The recipe for an award winning business

November 25, 2015 Kerry Perkins

Kerry Perkins, Business in the Community's Head of Awards has let you in on her not-so-secret recipe for putting together an award winning business. Bon appetit!

Award soup - image licenced under Creative Commons 2.0 SA (overlay added)Ingredients

One solid base of clear purpose

Large scoops of targets, preferably SMART

A bunch of pressing issues

A large lump of engaged steak-holders

A hearty stock of business case

A dollop of employee empowerment

100% authentic stories to garnish


  1. Before you get cooking, make sure you identify which global mega-trends will be flavouring business conditions in the future? Take account of all these permeating trends, otherwise you could suffer from stale flavours.

  2. Raid the (cup)Board and consult with steak-holders, selecting the most relevant issues to formulate a clear purpose.This will also give welcome notes of depth to your business case.

  3. Once your targets are fully set, turn up the heat.Keep an eye on progress with regular checks, measuring growth and tasting the results as they develop – make sure you note any benefits stirred back into the business.

  4. While it’s all bubbling away nicely, turn your attention back to your various steak-holders for their feedback on the tastes so far. Grab a spoonful of empowerment from your employees, and sprinkle in board-level commitment and leadership to push forward your flavours and make sure this dish will pack a punch beyond dinnertime.

  5. Get inspiration on presenting your final results from our previous award-winners – those who stood out from the crowd thanks to their amazing scale, innovative recipes and methods, or sheer easiness to follow and replicate. Garnish with a few sprigs of authentic testimonial.

  6. Your meal is complete! Show off the skills that went into it by entering the Responsible Business Bake-off, sorry, Awards, and showcase your showstopper to our 250,000 online visitors, national, regional and trade press readers. Plus, give people a chance to taste it in person at BITC’s Responsible Business Galas – taking place across the UK and reaching an audience of 5,000 business peers.

A tasty Awards dish - image licenced under Creative Commons 2.0 SA BY NC

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