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November 15, 2016

2017 marks the 20th Responsible Business Awards, in partnership with Veolia, Responsible Business of the Year 2016.  The annual awards seek to showcase the amazing social value and positive environmental impact being delivered by organisations right across the UK and internationally. They are a true celebration of what it means to be a Responsible Business.

A chance to share your story

In a world where future business success will be defined by delivering social and environmental value hand in hand with financial return, businesses are recognising the need to look for innovative and collaborative ways to respond to challenging issues.  Every year, Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards capture inspiring stories of businesses as a positive force for change, and tell them to a local, national and international audience of millions.

Open to companies of any size, sector and location

Previous years have seen entries and winners from a diverse range of sectors including utilities, transport, technology, agriculture, media and housing. No matter what your company size, location or sector is, all entries have an equal chance of winning. 

As well as England, the Responsible Business Awards also run in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Created by business for business

The entries are rigorously assessed by over 200 business peers who have expert knowledge in what responsible business looks like, and who are handpicked for this expertise and knowledge, making the Responsible Business Awards one of the most prestigious and respected awards.  Working with senior managers all the way up to CEOs, who all dedicate their time to read through, assess and hear from the award entrants. In addition, those entrants who make it to the Award Finalist stage, have the unique opportunity to present their approach face-to-face to a senior group of business leaders who in 2016 included Keith Weed (Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Unilever), Chris Brown (Sustainable Business Director, Asda), Helen Tucker (HR Global Diversity and Inclusion Director, Procter & Gamble UK) and Duncan Tait (Director and Corporate Executive Office, Fujitsu).

Every award entrant receives bespoke feedback on their entry which is used by many to strengthen their business approach going forward. Successful award entrants receive a third party endorsement logo – the Award planter – which is an effective communications tool to demonstrate to all types of stakeholders the powerful impact of a successful award programme.

Celebrating business as a force for good

Day by day, organisations across the UK are doing amazing things, often unnoticed.  We've all grown accustom to reading news headlines about the mistakes businesses and key individuals have made, but what about the good news?  Through our awards, we seek out the businesses that are having a positive impact on people's lives and the communities around them. We believe that business truly can be a force for good.
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